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Maryland State
Vehicle Inspection Service

Neubauer’s Auto Repair is proud to be a certified Maryland State Inspection Station!
Have you recently moved to Maryland? Maybe you just purchased, inherited, or been gifted a vehicle. If so, then you will need to have your vehicle inspected! Getting your car inspected shouldn’t be a tedious or complicated task. At Neubauer’s in Ellicott City, we make the process simple & painless. Our technicians have been certified by the state to perform these inspections accurately.

An inspection service looks over vehicle components such as steering, brakes, exhaust, and suspension. The full state inspection will take about an hour for us to perform. Some inspections do require documentation, give us a call and we’ll help determine what documents you need to bring along with you. The team here at Neubauer’s hopes to see you around the shop soon!

MD State Inspection
$79 + $4 Electronic Filing Fee