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2014 Honda Odyssey


Honda Odyssey

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  • BG Seasonal Maintenance Special includes: Regular Oil and Filter change with fluids topped off. (Synthetic oil extra) Tire rotation and brake inspection. (Tire Balance extra) Inspection of the air filter and throttle plates. (Throttle plates are what regulate the amount of air that enters the engine.) Emission Health Check, test computer system for proper vehicle operation and pull computer codes as necessary. Perform 40 point inspection which includes all lighting, tires, front and rear suspension, all fluids, exhaust system, belts, hoses, fuel system and test the battery. Add BG's CF5 fuel system conditioner and carbon cleaner to fuel system. Please make sure you have a full tank of fuel for optimum cleaning. Add BG MOA oil additive for optimum engine lubrication. Per Customer request, removed wheel locks and installed lug nuts
  • Cleaned off buildup and reinstalled the metal shim on the RF Caliper that had fallen out
Teresa B. gave our service a 5 star review on 7/10/2019
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2008 Honda Accord


Honda Accord

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  • Four Wheel Alignment: Road test vehicle for proper and improper road handling characteristics. Test for vehicle pull. (Vehicle pulling to either side can be one of two problems. The alignment out of specs can attribute to the pull as well as a tire itself causing the pull) Set up vehicle on alignment machine, Measure and set air pressure in tires to proper inflation. Take alignment readings. Inspect steering for any mechanical damage before making any adjustments. Evaluate readings and make all necessary adjustments. (Certain vehicles may require special adjustments above the normal toe and thrust angle adjustments which will incur extra time and associated costs) Road test vehicle for improved road handling. Note: Certain vehicles today have fixed alignment positions that are not adjustable. Some vehicles have no camber or caster adjustments. Pot holes can wreak havoc on certain steering and suspension systems. We make every attempt to bring your vehicle within specs. If the caster adjustments are out of specs and their is no adjustment then a pull to one side will be likely. The only way to repair is replacement of fixed suspension parts and possibly body shop repairs.
Dawn L. gave our service a 5 star review on 1/23/2019
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