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2005 Ford Pickup


Ford Pickup

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Services Performed
  • Computer System Diagnostic Service: Connect electronic test equipment to vehicles computer system. Test vehicles computer function's and pull Diagnostic Trouble Codes. Perform diagnostic and test procedures to determine fault. Diagnostic Trouble Codes present. Code: P0325 Knock Sensor Perform vehicle diagnostics tests to determine fault. Research technical library for Service Bulletins pertaining to this vehicle. Perform component testing and found the following failures: Found wiring broken at the knock sensor. Recommend replacing both sensors due to the amount of labor to replace the sensors. Replacing 1 or both is the same labor cost. Also recommending thermostat and flushing antifreeze. Slight misfire felt during driving, nothing is registering on the scanner. Recommend replacing the fuel filter and performing a induction service to clean all carbon from engine. Brake fluid is very dirty, power steering has a slight surge while turning the wheel, flush fluid 1stn before further diagnostics. Belt is worn. NOTE: Todays vehicle computers are becoming more complex and now require an extensive amount of mileage driven for the computer to reset and possibly turn the MIL or the CEL light back on. On some repairs, this may be experienced. This may be due to the route that was determined to take to fix the vehicle. This may also happen when their is a certain amount of codes in your vehicles computer and we repair the known problems first, then reset the computer system and the vehicle needs to be driven extensively to see if any computer codes are reset. This helps with not wasting time and money diagnosing and testing intermittent problems that are no longer present.
  • Change Engine OIL and Filter. Lube Chassis where necessary. Inspect tires and adjust tire pressure as necessary. Inspect and top off all fluids. Minor inspection of car for needed services and maintenance.
  • FUEL FILTER – Remove and Replace – F150 In Line
  • Perform BG Intake System Cleaning. This service is designed to loosen and remove carbon build up on the air intake system of the vehicle. Decarbonizing Top Engine Service. Remove all necessary engine components to access intake system. Connect decarbonizing unit to vehicle air intake system. Start engine, perform decarbonizing service. This process uses strong detergents to loosen carbon deposits that have built up over years of engine operation. Once the carbon has been softened, the next process helps remove the carbon sludge from the intake system. The process also cleans the intake valves in the engine and loosens and removes carbon inside the engine. (The final step requires the vehicle to be driven and the fuel additive continues to remove carbon. We recommend using an entire tank of gas before re-filling the gas tank as not to reduce the dilution of the cleaner.) Remove cleaning equipment and re-assemble any necessary engine components. Road test vehicle for proper engine performance. Carbon build up in the engine robs power and performance. Carbon absorbs the fuel that is intended to […]
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2008 Ford Escape


Ford Escape

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Change Engine OIL and Filter. Lube Chassis where necessary. Inspect tires and adjust tire pressure as necessary. Inspect and top off all fluids. Minor inspection of car for needed services and maintenance.
  • T-Tech Transmission Fluid Exchange: This fluid services the entire automatic transmission. Step 1, add transmission cleaner and run vehicle to circulate cleaner throughout transmission. Step 2, Connect transmission fluid exchanger to the vehicle's transmission lines. Remove all old transmission fluid from the actual transmission body, the torque converter and the transmission cooler. Inject new Full Synthetic transmission fluid. Inspect for leaks. Add transmission conditioner and road test for proper transmission operation.
  • Cooling System Service: Perform 3 step cooling system process using BG Coolant Flush System. Step 1 includes cooling system cleaner to loosen and remove scaling in the radiator, water pump and the engine. Step 2 includes the removal of the coolant and back flushing the coolant system. Step 3 includes adding conditioner and sealant with new coolant and protecting the coolant system from freezing to a minimum of -50 degrees. Re-inspect cooling system for leaks and proper operation. Road test as necessary for proper engine cooling operation. Note: The coolant system will sometimes get air trapped somewhere deep in the engine. They are called air pockets and may not all work themselves out at the time of service. While we attempt to keep air pockets to a minimum, sometimes it becomes necessary to top off the coolant when the air pockets work themselves out. We ask you to bring your vehicle back in a couple of days so we can perform a quick visual inspection of the coolant system and top off the coolant. This only takes a couple of minutes while you wait.
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