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2012 Buick Enclave


Buick Enclave

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  • Computer System Diagnostic Service: Connect electronic test equipment to vehicles computer system. Test vehicles computer function's and pull Diagnostic Trouble Codes. Perform diagnostic and test procedures to determine fault. Diagnostic Trouble Codes present. Code: Evap Vent solenoid is not consistently operating. During test at 1st it worked with no problems and then it stopped opening and was stuck in the closed position. Perform vehicle diagnostics tests to determine fault. Research technical library for Service Bulletins pertaining to this vehicle. Perform component testing and found the following failures: NOTE: Todays vehicle computers are becoming more complex and now require an extensive amount of mileage driven for the computer to reset and possibly turn the MIL or the CEL light back on. On some repairs, this may be experienced. This may be due to the route that was determined to take to fix the vehicle. This may also happen when their is a certain amount of codes in your vehicles computer and we repair the known problems first, then reset the computer system and the vehicle needs to be driven extensively to see if any computer codes are reset. This helps with not wasting time and money diagnosing and testing intermittent problems that are no longer present.
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